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Lori Keeling
School Nurse
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Jennifer Wehbey
Health Assistant
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       Head Lice Policy

AESD follows the Tehama County Department of Education Head Lice Policy.

Health Services

No Shots? No Records? No School

Medication Policy

Education Code 49423 states any pupil who is required to take, during the regular school day, medication prescribed for him/her by a physician, may be assisted by the school nurse or other designated personnel if the school district receives: (1) a written statement from a physician detailing the method, amount, and time schedules by which such medication is to be taken and, (2) a written statement from the parent or guardian of the pupil indicating the desire that the school district assist the pupil in the matters set forth in the physician's statement. 

The Education Code applies to over-the-counter medications also.  A written physician's authorization is necessary for any medications to be given during the school day.  This includes cough drops, cough syrups, decongestants, pain relievers (Tylenol, Advil, etc.), allergy medications, etc. Parent permission is not adequate for over-the-counter medicines. Under no circumstances will any medication be given at school unless the Education Code for the administration of prescribed medication for pupils is followed.   

The AESD Medication Authorization form satisfies all Education Code requirements and must be completed by parent and physician for each medication a student is to receive while at school.  This form is valid for one calendar year only.  Medication will not be administered by school personnel if this form has expired. 



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